About Anchor

Anchor is a product-based company created to help retailers and merchants to perform purchase procedures with ultimate feasibility.

Our interactive, user-friendly, and the highest quality software has the ability to modernize your operations in a matter of days. Our vision is to help our customers take a competitive advantage in the market.

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Our mission

Anchor's goal in developing a business intelligence platform is to combine a unique experience with both an application and a BI platform. Whilst others in the industry focus on very easy or trivial desktop data sets and on “dumbing down”, our mission is to counter the complexity of enterprise application data.

Leadership team

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    Herbert Lawrence

    Managing Director

    Herbert is a professional Managing Director at Anchor Company. He has more than 10 years of experience in networking systems development, project management, and consulting.

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    Delia Cortez


    Delia has over 15 years of experience in software development and loves to share her knowledge with others. For 10 years of work in Anchor company, she has gained numerous awards for her achievements.

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    Bradley Underwood


    Bradley has a master’s degree in technology and more than 8 years in business development and management. He has been a Director and pride of Anchor Company since its foundation. 

Our team

  • Andrew Shimmer

    Matilda Myers

    Chief Financial Officer

  • Ann Maisner

    Helen Taylor

    Chief Marketing Officer

  • Tomas Abbar

    Catherine Newman

    HR Manager

  • Tomas Abbar

    Keith MacKenzie

    Customer Service

  • Tomas Abbar

    Anthony Hopper

    Customer Service

  • Tomas Abbar

    Arthur Fowler


  • Tomas Abbar

    Barry Harrison

    Customer service

  • Tomas Abbar

    Shawn Peterson


  • Tomas Abbar

    Jared Winston


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We are always in search of new talents – creative and enthusiastic individuals eager to become part of our team.

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Our awards

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    Great User Experience 2016 

  • Most Innovative B2B Solutions photo

    Best Retail Solutions 2014

  • Best Service Provider

    Best POS Systems 2014

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