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Grow your store

Our cloud-based POS software makes it easier to sell more products and stand out from the crowd.

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    Learn your business insights

    Anchor has reporting tools which will provide you with useful information on any phase of your business. It will help you to upgrade all the processes and bring employees and resources in line with demand. Learn more than ever before with real-time information on your mobile device from anywhere in the world and at any time.

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    Sell your products with Anchor POS

    Anchor will help you add, edit, and delete products such as images, prices, and variations by size and color. Anchor reporting and stock management will simplify your selling process year after year.

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    Manage your team and stores

    The Anchor is created to grow with your business. It makes it easier to train your employees add users, and take control over the performance. Expand your business and open a new location.

15,000 users grow their business with Anchor

    Key features

    • Omnichannel

      Our omnichannel strategy ensures your clients get the steady quality of experience no matter what channel they use.

    • Business Intelligence

      We offer easy-to-operate business intelligence and analytics tools to help your employees make well-informed and smart decisions.

    • Better Shipping Options

      We partner with the main shipping service so that you can get real-time shipping costs and the latest transportation info.

    • Accounting and CRM Integrations

      You can sync with ease your orders, clients, and finances with the help of close integration with Anchor CRM.

    • Control Your Expenditures

      There is no uncertainty in admitted expenses or costs limits. Make sure that your business' policies are enforced.

    • Interactive Dashboards

      Anchor Company offers interactive dashboards with custom and time controlled filters.

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    If you want to increase sales and profits and expand your business, you are in the right place.

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